Answers to Questions You May Have

Are you associated with the hospital?

Yes... in our PURPOSE. We are an independent organization started by Cape Ann citizens to support ongoing medical care — in-patient and out-patient — on site at Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Are you associated with Northeast Health Systems?

No. We operate as an independent entity which will network with Northeast (and any future parent organization) to achieve our purpose.

What are your short term goals?

Our immediate goal is to raise funds to support General and Orthopedic Surgery — on site — at Addison Gilbert, twenty-four/seven.

How will the money you raise be spent?

The money will be used to: help support surgical practices; help support Operating Room staff; and to help subsidize anesthesia services.

Why should we support a Surgeons practice?

Over the past twenty years, payment that surgeons have receive to perform surgery and care for their patients has been greatly reduced. They receive a "lump sum" for the operation which is predetermined by Medicare and other insurance. Overall, there has been a reduction in surgeons' salaries — on average by 25 - 35%, depending on geographic area of practice or specialty. In response to this reduction, hospitals have been subsidizing surgeons' practices for many years. This is now a standard practice.

Will Northeast Health Systems be supporting the surgeons?

To date, there has been no substantial funding for 24/7 General and Orthopedic services at AGH. Hospital systems like Northeast, which support multiple medical centers, make decisions on allocation of monies based on their views of what is most beneficial for the entire system. They have chosen to centralize surgical services at Beverly Hospital. This policy has often resulted in the transfer of patients from Addison Gilbert emergency and in-patient units to Beverly Hospital when a surgical consult or surgery is needed.

Does Northeast support other surgeon's practices outside of Cape Ann?

Yes. In addition, they have recently opened four new operating suites at Beverly Hospital.

Why is it so important to do surgery at Addison Gilbert?

By law, the hospital cannot remain open unless an active operating room is available, 24/7.

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